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HR director

Job Title: Head of Human Resources (Large Development Space, Team Dining, Package Eating, Excellent Staff Award, Full Attendance Award)

1 person | Anhui - Chuzhou | 19 days 18 hours 2 min 35 seconds ago updated | 6-8K

Academic Requirements Undergraduate Work Experience More Than 3 Years Age Requirement 30-40 Sex No Limit

1, develop human resources work plan.

2, the company and various departments and organizational structure optimization and manpower allocation.

3, the job system, and job promotion, pay adjustments, assessment work together.

4, drafting performance management reform program, and promote change.

5, Organize the formulation of human resources management systems, management processes such as recruitment, training, performance, remuneration, benefits, employee relations and corporate culture, and promote the implementation.

6, to participate in the company's personnel decision-making, provide professional advice for the company leaders.

6, supervision and counseling implementation of recruitment, training, pay, performance, employee relations and other work.

7, supervise and guide the administration, environmental safety and health work.

8, all kinds of employee communication, emergency, handling matters handled by the company leaders.

Contact: 13955048889

Tel: 05507811518


Address: Tianchang City Qin column Zhenlong Road on the 4th

AISMT Leader

AISMT leader of the development space for the annual tourism team meal packages to eat

1 Anhui - Chuzhou 5-6K

Academic Requirements High School Experience 2 Years or Above Age 25-35 Gender Required

1,25 ~ 35 years old male or female high school or above;

2, Familiar with SMT production process and process control;

3, can adapt to the white night shift

4, Familiar with SMT site management

5, a leader of more than 2 years management experience;

6, a certain amount of material loss control;

7, a sense of responsibility, coordination, can accept strong pressure.

Contact: 13955048889

Tel: 05507811518


Address: Tianlong City, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province Qinlong Zhenlong Longyuan Electronics Factory

Charger staff

The company due to production needs, Chengzhao charger staff number, the specific requirements are as follows:

Post: male and female general workers, work experience is preferred (hand plug, repair welding, testing, loading shell, etc.)

Education: junior high school education

Age: 18 - 40 years old

ID: I have a true and valid ID card, a copy of the original


1, 2 days a month rest, 1 day rest every two weeks, except holidays!

2, probationary period to work 1 month (depending on personal ability to work circumstances), wage 1800 / month. After the probationary period employees to implement a comprehensive piece-rate wage system, according to specific individual labor skills, hard work and other distribution of income, the full monthly salary of 4000 yuan -5500 yuan

3, wages for the pieces of staff, in addition to the normal piece-rate wages, the whole month of attendance, full courtesy Award 100

4, year-on-year employees can enjoy the company's seniority award (cash payment)


1, the diet: employees can enjoy the company canteen early / middle / late work meal.

2, accommodation: the company offers accommodation, indoor equipped with TV, air conditioning. Couples with a couple room, need to provide a marriage certificate

3, the performance of outstanding employees can be promoted to grassroots management.

Address: Tianchang City Qin column Zhenlong Road

Contact: Ms. Wang: 15255005865

              Ms. Wang: 17755055028

Investment Advisor

Description of job

1. cheerful and lively personality, a strong desire for ambition and success, refused to mediocrity;

2, self-learning ability, mainly through the micro channel QQ network sales, without going out;

3, like WeChat QQ chat;

4, self-discipline, obey management;

5, 18 years of age or above, no qualifications, no limited work experience;

6, customer account transactions, you can enjoy the transaction fee commission

7, the company provides customer resources and free all-round training, ideal for no background and relationship, want to pursue successful young people;

8, as long as hard work, working in the company for more than 2-3 months, the average monthly salary of more than 8,000, outstanding people do not cap;

9, the content of the work is easy to understand, training can be on the job, basic salary 3500+ commission + bonus + travel, 5 days working system, weekends rest.


Job requirements:

Due to business development needs of the company, is hiring a clerk, requires:

Proficiency in OFFICE office software;

Writing is good, clear thinking, can write standard format documents;

Stable personality, affinity, good at communication;

Assist in the completion of the various departments in the future finishing the data, writing, coordination, distribution work;

Relevant work experience is preferred.